Is the Good Friday Really Good? Find Out More to Approach the Good Friday 2017

Faith binds us in ways that are just beyond any explanations… I guess that is how religious traditions and rituals work – binding us in the love for our Lord irrespective of what we look like or where we belong to. Among many of the religious days we celebrate is the Good Friday. But how many of us know about it more than the fact that in most of the states it is a holiday? Let’s take a fleeting look at what this day is all about so that when the Good Friday 2017 comes, we all know what it is and what all we should be grateful for.


History of Good Friday 2017:

Good Friday is often known as Great Friday or the Holy Friday in many Christian communities. It is a spiritual holiday that memorializes and remembers the death and crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the Calvary, or Golgotha as some might know. Christians all over the world commemorate this day in the duration of the Holy Week as a fragment of the Paschal Triduum. Every year the date of the Easter changes due to the moon phases changes and an occurrence of a full moon anytime after the date of 21st March. Therefore the date for this year’s Good Friday is April 14th.

Catholics Commemoration:

The Churches for the Roman Catholics observe Good Friday as a day for fast. The fast is comprehended as eating just a single complete meal in addition to two flimsy meals and none of these should include meat. Another distinguishing feature of this day is the piece of information regarding celebrating no Mass. As an alternative, an extraordinary liturgy is organized that constitutes three components: the Adoration of the Cross followed by the Liturgy of the Word and then the Holy Communion.

In countries like in the Australian continent and the United Kingdom, in Canada, Germany, even in Sweden and Singapore Good Friday 2017 is declared a public holiday. 11 states in the United States also observe a state level holiday.

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